Viviana Hurtado goes to the RNC with #LATISM

In a perfect world I would spend my days (and nights) reading and creating excellent content. (NOTE TO MY BOSSES: I do that, but I am trying to make a point.)

In a perfect world I would spend my weeks bouncing from one great conference to another. 

In a perfect world I wouldn’t be here, writing this, green with envy because I’m not going to the 2012 Republican Convention… or the Democratic Convention… with LATISM. (This is the first time LATISM is participating in the conventions.)

I’ve had Viviana Hurtado in my “people” list with the intention of writing a “meet the blogger” post about her. I may do that later, eventually. Today I am giving you a brief view of her because she’s one of the people going to the RNC. And I am, as I stated above, green with envy. 

Find more from Viviana Hurtado at:

When I grow up I want to be like her. 

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