Spanish in the US

Pew Research Center makes two predictions about the growth of Spanish in the US:

  1. “the number of Spanish speakers is projected to rise through 2020 to anywhere between 39 million and 43 million”
  2. “Today, three-fourths of all Hispanics ages 5 and older speak Spanish. However, that share is projected to fall to about two-thirds in 2020.”

These numbers may seem incongruous, but you have to take into account the “rising importance of U.S. births rather than the arrival of new immigrants to Hispanic population growth.” So the overall number of Spanish speakers is going to increase, but the percentage of Hispanics who speak Spanish is expected to decrease.

One of the important things to note in this information that is as more of the Hispanic population is born in the US, the percentage that speaks primarily English increases. This means that, for marketers, reaching out to the Hispanic community is going to be more about culture and less about language.


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