Ragan’s Social Media Policy Training

Still haven’t written your organization’s social media policy? Ragan’s new self-paced online training might help. 

How to Create a Social Media Policy That Employees Will Read and Use.

A Ragan Communications Online Training Module led by Shel Holtz

Finally a training course that allows YOU to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

  • Are you drafting your first set of social media guidelines and policies for employees? Or, are you looking for ideas to improve the one you already have?
  • Are you too busy to attend an audio course or conference?

Then this online and interactive training course is perfect for you.

You’ll receive three-month access so you can learn at your own pace. Three month access will allow you to return to the course as much as you want and begin writing your own social media policy. It’s that easy.

I normally find Ragan’s classes a hit or miss, but I have always been happy with anything I’ve taken from Shel Holtz. If you’re still struggling with getting your social media policy on paper, you might find this useful.

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