Programming for Non-Geeks: Essential HTML

Poynter. News University is offering “Programming for Non-Geeks: Essential HTML” on Tuesday, March 29 at 2pm (ET).

Modern websites rely on a range of technologies to deliver content to visitors around the world. One technology, though, is omnipresent: HTML. The Hyper Text Markup Language is the backbone of the Web.

This Webinar will demystify this critical digital tool. You’ll learn the basics of HTML and how it works. We’ll show you what “tags” are and tell you the ones you most need to know. We’ll highlight common pitfalls and review tags and techniques that have fallen out of favor.


What Will I Learn:

  • What tags are and how they work
  • The most essential tags
  • How to use tags to format text and create page layouts
  • How to add links, images and lists
  • How to create interactive content with forms
  • How HTML works with other technologies to create sophisticated pages layouts and effects
  • What “valid markup” is and why it matters
  • Useful tools for writing and editing HTML

Who Should Take this Course:
Anyone who wants to develop and create web pages with confidence. This Webinar covers the basics and is for those who have limited experience with writing code. If you’re a developer interested in HTML5 and advanced programming topics, Poynter’s NewsU also offers HTML5 Essentials for Content Creators, in partnership with the Online News Association.

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