Podcasting as a promotional tool

There’s a great story in today’s Miami Herald about how “Podcasting can be a viable promotional tool.”


Think of a podcast as a five- to 10-minute episode of your own radio or TV show.


“Podcasting is really self-publishing and it is a viable promotional tool for small businesses,” said Sissy DeMaria, president of Coral Gables-based Kreps DeMaria PR. “It gives small businesses the opportunity to reach out to their current clients and potential ones in a format that is quick and easy.”

But DeMaria has a warning for small businesses interested in podcasting: “Content is king. It’s the Golden Rule of the Web,” DeMaria said, “So you can’t just create a podcast that touts your company’s successes. You’ve got to put out content that is relevant to your customer base.”


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Podcasting has been on my to do list to learn and to begin using. I’ve sat through a few classes on the topic, but must admit that I haven’t sat down to work on it… yet. I’m hoping to change that soon.

Are you podcasting?

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