NAHJ/NHPF Ford Blue Oval Journalism Internship

Congratulations to the Latino college students selected to participate in te coveted NAHJ/NHPF Ford Blue Oval Journalism Internship this year:

  • Alejandra Cruz — California State University, Northridge (Graduated May 2011)
  • Shahrazad Encinias — California State University, Northridge (Graduated May 2011)
  • Melvin Felix — New York University (Expected Graduation: May 2012)
  • Shaira Frias — Brooklyn College, CUNY (Graduated June 2011)
  • Brenda Medina — University of South Florida, Tampa (Graduated December 2010)
  • Erik Reyna — University of Texas, Austin (Graduated May 2010)
  • Rossana Sándigo — University of Arizona, Tucson (Expected Graduation: August 2011)

hispanicPRblog reports that these “students will complete the 11-week summer internship at Spanish-language or bilingual (English and Spanish) publications in the following cities: Washington, D.C.; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Miami; San Diego; Atlanta; Chicago and Phoenix.”


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