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Learn Mobile Marketing Strategies at the February 15th Houston Interactive Marketing Association luncheon. Cost is $30 for members, $40 for non-members. 

The most pervasive technology in the world, mobile applications and mobile marketing for smart and mobile phones are on course to change our lives. But, what separates the good technology from the bad, the apps and mobile platforms we use as second nature from the ones that never see the light of day?

In Mobile Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and ROI, you will learn how apps, SMS and mobile sites all work together to create valuable marketing experiences and how purposeful mobile executions can successfully transition concepts, businesses and products onto the small screen to create dynamic customer experiences. Walk away with better understanding how to apply metrics to analyze your mobile campaigns to drive future successes.

Join our group of mobile expert panelists, as they reveal mobile marketing strategies for one of the biggest technological tipping points of this decade. Panelist include: Brian Gaubert, CEO of Content Active; Kelsey Ruger, Vice President of Design and Innovation for ChaiOne; Leslie Wilson, Founder and CEO of IAM Brands Interactive; and Jeremy Konko, President of Qtags.

Ignite is coming to Houston on February 23rd. Cost $10 for early birds, and $15 regular. (More info on the Ignite series.)

Join us for an evening of short talks by swell folks. Ignite Houston is a series of 5-minute talks on every topic under the sun. Presenters have 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. We’ll be listing the talks that make the cut here on February 8th, until then – grab you’re early bird tickets. We anticipate this event will sell out!

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