Meet the crafter: Anjelica Cazares

Anjelica CazaresI am going on record that I am not the “craft” type. I want to be, frequently. The pictures of the finished products look so pretty, and the articles make it seem like so much fun. I start projects but never quite finish them. Sometimes I make it past the first few steps, but mostly I don’t. I am absolutely not Martha Stewart… or Kathy Cano Murillo. But I have a lot of love for crafters and their work.

And thus, today I introduce Anjelica Cazares, Houston’s own Crafty Thrifter. More importantly, I introduce you to her work. Check out her crafts on Mamiverse and Juan of Words and you’ll see that she covers everything from the practical (gift wrapping options) to the whimsical (making a jewelry holder from natural elements). Her photos are pretty, and, of course, the articles make it look fun and easy. (Since I haven’t actually tried to do them, I can’t testify to either. {{grin}} )

I’m going to give the obligatory disclaimer: I know Anjelica and we’re friends. So when I say that her articles are wonderful. and her crafts are beautiful, you need to understand that it’s not an unbiased statement. It’s also completely true.

Anjelica is one of the organizers of the LATISM Houston Chapter, and I worked with her as the local “on the ground” crew for the 2012 LATISM National Conference (which brought 600+ people from across the country to Houston). She’s an organizational genius. She is also the better half to Juan Alanis, of Juan of Words fame… which is how I met her.

I predict you’ll be seeing more of her work featured on other sites, very soon.

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