Meet the Chef: Hugo Ortega

Hugo’s is my favorite brunch spot in Houston. It is the brainchild of Hugo Ortega, chef extraordinaire. 

If you’ve never been to Hugo’s then you’re missing out on one of the best Mexican food restaurants in Houston. If your only experience with Mexican food is $2 tacos and Happy Hour Margarita’s, then Hugo’s is going to take you by surprise. My particular favorites are cochinita pibil and their barbacoa… and almost everything on the brunch menu

Ortega is the epitome of the “American Dream,” starting out as an immigrant worker and making his way to become one of the best chefs in the country. In fact, Ortega recently released his cookbook, “Street Food of Mexico,” and was once again made a finalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef Southwest award. Winners will be announced next month. 

Check out this video from Houston’s Voice featuring Ortega on Houston’s Voice.

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