Meet Shonali Burke in Houston, Tuesday July 9th

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I’ve met best-selling authors, well-known actors, national news anchors, politicians at all levels (even a presidential candidate), one first lady, as well as celebrities and internet pseudo-celebrities. I make it through most of these meetings focusing on the task at hand. I don’t go ‘fan girl’ for a lot of people.

But I am, at heart, a geek girl. So my giddy responses tend to run towards the geek factor. Shonali Burke is definitely going to get the fan girl response. I may be so bad as to ask her to pose for a photo. Why? Because she’s brilliant. And she’s coming to Houston.

Shonali Burke Workshop: Commo at the Speed of WARP
Sponsored by Houston Technology Center and A.Brink & Co.
Tue, Jul 19 2011 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM CDT

You can still attend! Registration info is on the IABC Houston site.

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