Marketing on Foursquare Without a Location

Want to use Foursquare to market your organization or company but don’t have a location where people can check in? This Mashable post gives some great tips on how to do exactly that:

  1. Acquire Friends, Not Checkins.
  2. Add Relevant Tips.
  3. Branded Pages. “Unlike a user profile, a brand with a page does not check in or acquire mayorships or badges, it only leaves tips on other locations.”
  4. Add Your Own Unique or Quirky Location.
  5. Mayor Takeovers. “If you don’t have a location, take over somebody else’s by becoming mayor.”
  6. Badge Parties. “An event designed for participants to unlock sought-after badges makes Foursquare users happy, you create publicity by hosting the event, and the location you’re using will get an influx of foot traffic.”


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