Making money with your blog, what 25 bloggers charge

Ever wonder how much money bloggers are really making? Take a look at this article on momcrunch, “Cracking The Sponsored Post Code: 25 Bloggers Reveal What They Charge,” and get a real look at what sponsored posts look like.

To determine a potential starting point for sponsored posts do the following math (and please, please, please note this is just a fun way to find a starting point, nothing more – generally, it’s best to also consider time and expenses when setting your rate):

# of page views
+ # of twitter followers
÷ page rank #
x $ .01
÷ 2
= your approximate sponsored post rate.

This formula is just an exercise, and it only reflects what bloggers have told me they GET PAID, not necessarily what they DESERVE to be paid. If you’re a specialized blogger, you can probably go higher. Also, I wouldn’t recommend accepting less than $25 a post (no matter how small your blog) to start (although I know many that accept $15 or even $10). Also, for more influential bloggers, I’d leave off the last step (dividing by 2) for your rate.

For example, Milehimama makes $50 a post and $75 a giveaway. But Jessica gottlieb makes $1000 per sponsored post; she also gets one million page views per month. 

What does this mean? It means that you need to get your monthly page views up, and you need to know what your pagerank is. 

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