Latinos lead way in smartphone use

Still haven’t incorporated a mobile web solution to reach your customers? If your customer base is Hispanic, that may be a big mistake.

According to a recent Nielsen survey, 45 percent of Latino mobile phone users nationwide as of December owned a smartphone, devices with application-based and Web-enabled operating systems. That’s well above the 31 percent of all mobile users with a smartphone and 27 percent among white users.

And 56 percent of Latinos who purchased a mobile phone in the past six months chose a smartphone compared with just 42 percent of white consumers, according to the same study.

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So 45 percent of Latino mobile users own a smartphone. That’s an impressive number. And 56 percent of Latinos who bought a mobile phone in the last six month chose a smartphone. That tells me that the numbers are just going to increase, and the need for mobile solutions are going to increase as well.


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