KRIV 26, KIAH 39 and KPRC 2 start sharing video

As reported by Mike McGuff:

Today is day three of the new Houston TV station video sharing agreement according to sources. Three stations are involved – KPRC 2, KRIV 26 and KIAH 39.

This means that all the stations get together, figure out what needs to be covered that day and send one photographer to shoot video for all three stations. It is a way to cut down on costs. Instead of sending three staffers from each television station to shoot the same video, now you are sending one to shoot for all of them.

For those of us who are pitching events (news conferences, etc.) where we hope to have videographers, can we anticipate fewer cameras? less coverage?

For those working at the stations, will this mean layoffs (i.e., fewer people being sent out means fewer people needed)?

I guess we’ll have to see.

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