Jason Falls event in Houston

Jason Falls is in Houston today and Houston Social Media Cub is hosting an intimate gathering of 50 people at C2Creative for a meet and greet tonight. Don’t bother trying to get tickets, they’re sold out. 

So, why am bothering to tell you about it?

I just wanted to give kudos to both Houston Social Media Club and C2Creative for this event.

Houston Social Media Club was re-started a few months ago and is gaining momentum locally. If you haven’t already like the Facebook page, do so TODAY and keep up to date with the events they’re hosting.

C2Creative is a Creative Hub, a space for Houston’s creative and artistic community. “C2 Creative is hatching a new space to help you hatch new ideas, ventures, programs, events, initiatives and collaborations. We believe that Houston must understand and recognize the value of its creative class, as well as its market context, so we can keep creativity where it belongs: at the center of a society and economy that requires ideas and imagination.” Check out their Facebook page to find out what’s already going on.

Kudos to Michele Price and Grace Rodriguez for their exceptional work in getting both organizations off the ground. I look forward to future events and collaborations.

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