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Anyone who has a blog (or claims to blog regularly) has sat starring at a blank screen from time to time, wondering what to write about next. If you’re like me, that usually translates to moving onto the next thing on your “to do” list, which leaves your blog stagnant. (Not this one, I’m particularly guilty of “non-posts” in SandraSays.)

If you need help coming up with your next topic, Social Media B2B’s post “10 Posts That Re-Energize Your B2B Blog” will help you get started. From contacting your commenters to publishing an editorial calendar, there are some very practical tips and ideas in this post. My favorite, Update Your Most Viewed Post, is a practice I recommend to bloggers often. It’s a good way to revisit your most popular info and remind yourself what your readers are actually reading.

What other suggestions would you add?


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