Houston Social Media Breakfast July Meeting

Virtually There! Creative Uses for Virtual Environments
hosted by Houston Social Media Breakfast

Date & Time:     Friday, July 15 · 8:30am – 10:00am
Location: Canopy

Second Life might be all but dead. However, some companies have taken the best of virtual worlds and are using the technology to gather, learn and connect. This month we’re talking about “Virtual Convening” – using social media to connect people through online events. We will discuss the various aspects of bringing people together using rich online experiences.

Both for profit and nonprofit organizations are turning to virtual environments to deliver online conferences and events that retain some of the networking that is lost through simple webinars and seminars. Moreover, this same technology could be used innovatively to convene all kinds of participants for problem solving, brainstorming and many other uses.

Our speaker this month will be Kari Dunn Saratovsky (Twitter: @SocialCitizen), Case Foundation’s Senior Advisor, Social Innovation. She will share her experiences from Case Foundation’s recent Millennial Donor Summit – a very successful virtual event.

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