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I started blogging before it was called blogging. I went online and started a journal, then a zine, then a blog, etc., etc. And, once upon a time, I wrote words that inspired others and created conversation.

Once upon a time…

Now I write in a corporate voice, and I post things that are “professional” and “career-oriented.” In other words, they aren’t deep, they aren’t personal, and they aren’t inspirational.

I know where my strengths and weaknesses are.

However, for a site that does provide posts that are deep, emotional, and personal, try Frida Villalobos’ Frida’s Cafe. If you just want to read one post to try it out, check out her Father’s Day post: “Carta al hombre que no quiso ser mi padre.” It’s a very moving post.

Frida is a Houston-based blogger (new to blogging) who has had photos published in magazines with increasing frequency (yes, she’s a photographer too). Definitely worth watching.

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  1. I’m moved by your post, thank you so very much!!! This post was particularly difficult to write and post because i’ve never written about him. I’m so glad to know you read it and enjoyed it.

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