Creating an Urban Houston Framework feedback due by January 30


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The city of Houston is inviting feedback on Creating an Urban Houston Framework:

The City of Houston is working on a study known as the Urban Houston Framework that will help guide the City in the development of policies, tools and incentives to encourage responsible, sustainable development throughout Houston. One of the primary goals is to promote urban centers.

To assist with that effort, we are conducting an online poll and need your participation. We are interested in hearing what characteristics you think best describe Urban Centers of varying scales. Understanding that a “one size does not fit all”, we want you to tell us what amenities best define a Small Urban Center, Medium Urban Center and Large Urban Center. To take the online poll, go to The comment period will close on January 30th.

To better understand what Urban Centers are, please visit the project website at

For more information, please email

This was received via CitizensNet.

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