Black Sheep Shin-Dig

Black Sheep Shin-Dig – Eventbrite

Join Black Sheep for a Shin-Dig at Cuchara

Cuchara means “spoon” in Spanish, but don’t imagine some sort of fancy Mexico City cereal eatery, if you please. Instead, imagine yourself, surrounded by Black Sheep and like-minded friends from the Houston social networking scene. Imagine some seriously good, seriously authentic Mexican food. Imagine a range of cutlery, not just spoons!

WHO: Us! 

WHERE: Cuchara

WHEN: Wednesday, September 26th at 7 p.m.

Whether you’re a knows-which-one’s-the-salad-fork upper crusty or an eats-with-his-hands bottom dweller, we wanna see your face at this Shin-Dig. Because you’re our friend. And we have good taste!

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