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Every once in a while I come across something that screams “Share this!” This entry on the blog is one of them. In it, former local news anchor Minerva Perez, talks about the double-standard on what we expect from women and men in broadcast news. Women are still expected to be young, thing and pretty. The pressures on men are not as intense.


For a time, due to chronic illness and badly prescribed medications, not to mention Menopause, I too was a “plump anchor.” Sadly, men in TV can’t or won’t understand that one. Neither does the average Joe. One male viewer picked up the phone, called in and told the AP that answered, “tell Minerva she’s been eating too many cookies.” I was 7 months pregnant for darn sake! Even a local columnist took it upon himself to send a message. Without naming names, the columnist wrote about “plump anchors.” It, no doubt, came from the inside as a veiled message to me. That is bullying and to top it off, it was done in a cowardly fashion.

It’s a good read, so go read it!

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