Contest For Chance To Go to Blissdom ´12

Latina Bloggers Connect is running a contest to give two bloggers a free conference registration and a $250 stipend for travelling expenses to Blissdom 2012. Haven’t heard of this conference? You need to check out the topic list, it sounds great. 

Give it a try! You could win.

The post announcing the contest also has a great intro describing how blogger Ana Flores made herself venture out of the comfortable world of Latina blogging and started to attend and submit proposals as a speaker for conferences where she may not have know anyone. As you can imagine, this has resulted to be a successful challenge. We could all learn from her; I know I personally need to do a better job of venturing outside my “tried and true” circles.


  1. says

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I hope you enter the contest and get a chance to go to BlissDom.
    It truly did make a huge difference in my blogging career as soon as I started venturing out into the “unknown.”

    I made amazing friends, connections, relationships, etc which now are part of my blogging network. I also realized that you have to push yourself all the time.


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