Amazon is the Most-Visited E-Commerce Site in the US-Hispanic Market

The Amazon websites top the list of the most-visited e-commerce websites in the US-Hispanic Market, according to Portada. This is based on their analysis of comScore rankings.

Check out their article for the other nine in the list.

Source: RANKINGS: The 10 Most-Visited E-Commerce Sites in the US-Hispanic Market


Movie Marketing to Hispanics

Does this make sense to you?

While Hispanic moviegoers typically amount to 22% of movie opening weekend sales, Hispanic targeted media budgets only amount to between 10% and 15% of the overall media buy of the big studios.

Maybe increased advertising would result in increased sales? And, just maybe, actually having relevant content would help too.

Today’s recommended read: Movie Marketing to Hispanics: Why the Glass is Still Half Empty


Hispanic TV: It goes beyond language

You must read this!

A new study in The Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy examines the differences between first-, second- and third-generation viewing patterns. Its findings: Spanish-language programming is not always the most effective way to reach Hispanics. Simply put, there are marked variances in their viewing patterns, and it has as much to do with generational and cultural differences as it does linguistic ones. First-generation Hispanics may gravitate to telenovelas because that’s the genre they watched in their native country. But the third generation embraces “The Walking Dead,” not because it is in English but because they like zombies or comic books.

Source: Hispanic TV: It goes beyond language – Media Life Magazine


The 10 U.S. Cities With The Biggest Gap Between Rich And Poor

Today’s recommended read is “The 10 U.S. Cities With The Biggest Gap Between Rich And Poor” on Fast Company:

Atlanta, San Francisco, and Boston are among the cities with the highest income inequality in the nation.

The list included Miami and Dallas, both of which surprised me. I was happy to see that Houston didn’t make the top ten list; this is one I didn’t want.

* * *

Source: The 10 U.S. Cities With The Biggest Gap Between Rich And Poor


Businesses owned by women, minorities lag in revenue share

This is a very interesting read from Pew Research Center:

The number of businesses owned by women and minorities has grown, but based on revenue they remain on average considerably smaller than white- or male-owned firms.

Read more: Businesses owned by women, minorities lag in revenue share


Facts about Social Security

According to Pew Research, Social Security cash expenses have exceeded it receipts since 2010. They also estimate that it will “likely” be depleted by 2034. Yikes! Read More: 5 facts about Social Security | Pew Research


Houston is one of the best cities for small business


Want to start a small business? Then you’re in the right city! Culturemap reported that a Thumbtack survey rated Houston one of the best cities in the country for entrepreneurs.

Very good news, especially for someone who just started her own business.

Read the story! Houston scores stellar marks among the best cities for small business


HBJ’s Fast 100 List 2015

Houston Business Journal has released the Fast 100 List, the “fastest-growing private companies headquartered in the Houston area.” They haven’t announced the rankings yet, that will come later, but they have released the names. Check it out and find out which businesses are up and coming in Houston.

* * *

Source: Houston Business Journal reveals Fast 100 List of companies in tech, real estate, health care, more – Houston Business Journal

Image source: jarmoluk / Pixabay


San Antonio is 1st, Houston 5th for credit card debt

Texas, we have to do better!  According to HBJ, San Antonio ranked first in the nation for credit card debt burden. Houston came in fifth. That’s not good. Check out the complete story, linked below.

Source: Houston fifth-highest credit card debt burden in U.S, San Antonio No. 1 – Houston Business Journal

Image source: jarmoluk / Pixabay


HBJ editor leaving

News in local news (yes, I’m trying to be witty): “HBJ editor named publisher of Albuquerque Business First.” This means that Houston Business Journal Editor-In-Chief Candace Beeke is moving to Albuquerque as the new publisher of the Albuquerque Business First publication.

HBJ Publisher John Beddow will begin the search for a new editor in chief immediately. During the interim, readers should direct news questions to Managing Editor Giselle Greenwood,

Important info to note.

* * *


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