Choose the Right Neighborhood

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Are you choosing a house to buy? Mint Life has a post that covers the different things you need to take into consideration to pick the right neighborhood:

  • Commute time.
  • Access to necessities.
  • Proximity to education.
  • Entertainment within reach.
  • Easy access to loved ones.

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SOURCE: How to Choose the Right Neighborhood || Mint Life

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Wendy’s, Burger King roll out mobile payments

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Wendy’s and Burger King have both announced that they are incorporating the ability to pay via mobile payments into their service options. This would allow customers to pay for their orders using their smartphones. This is a smart move. In a recent report, Starbucks asserts that “14 percent of all purchases now come from mobile payments.” Though our coffee habits may differ from our lunch habits, I think the option will be used.

Would you use mobile payments at a fast food restaurant?

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Source:  Wendy’s joins Burger King in rolling out mobile payments

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Houston housing prices have risen but still affordable

April 8, 2014 1 comment

2013.11 houses-70425_smHouston Culturemap is reporting that average Houston home prices are up 12% from last year. That means that a house that last year cost $100,000 this year costs $112,000. And a $200,000 house went up to $224,000. That’s quite a jump in one year. Despite this, Houston had more new homes started last year than any other city, than the entire state of California in fact.

However, says the Houston Business Journal, it’s still “relatively” more affordable than other large cities, or “major metros” in the country. So, despite the increases, we’re still cheaper than most other places.

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Maria Contreras-Sweet SBA Administrator

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Maria Contreras-Sweet was confirmed as Administrator of the Small Business Administrator, making her the second Hispanic Cabinet named during President Obama’s administration, reports NBC News.

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Houston ranks no. 10 for place to find a job

geralt / Pixabay

Four Texas cities beat out Houston in’s list of “The Best Cities to Find a Job” — Fort Worth topped the list, and Arlington, Dallas and Austin. According to the Houston Business Journal, these cities “took the Nos. 4-6 spots.”

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Pitches by men more likely to get investors

April 1, 2014 1 comment

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Think it doesn’t matter to investors if they get pitched by a man instead of a woman? In an ideal world, it would be the merits of the business plan and only that which would influence the outcome of the pitch. But, apparently, it’s not. According to this article in Entrepreneur Magazine, “investors were 60 percent more likely to invest in a pitch presented by a man.”

The article describes a test where the exact same pitch (from a script) was tested with men and women doing the pitching. Guess what happened? The pitches that were delivered by men were deemed more “logical” and and “fact-based” (according to the article).

Please go read it.

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Source: Do Attractive Women Have More Pull With Investors? The Answer May Surprise You.

US Hispanic population increases

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Hispanic Trending reports that “The Hispanic population grew to 53 million in 2012, a 50% increase since 2000 and nearly six times the population in 1970.” These statistics come from the U.S. Census Bureau, via Pew Internet Research.

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How immigrants will reshape our workforce (video)

I came across this video via It was published by the Center for American Progress. Here’s the synopsis they give:

Over the next two decades, the largest generation in America’s history—the Baby Boomers—will reach retirement age and leave the workforce. Together, immigrants and their children will play a pivotal role in reshaping the workforce and sustaining the demands of a growing economy for decades to come. As major demographic shifts radically reshape the American population, immigrants and their children will strengthen the overall shared prosperity for the country as a whole.

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Congratulations, YMCA of Greater Houston!

March 18, 2014 1 comment

YMCA of Greater Houston Wins The American Marketing Association Houston Chapter 2013 Marketer of the Year Award. More info:

The American Marketing Association (AMA) Houston Chapter recognized the YMCA of Greater Houston as the 2013 Marketer of the Year on Monday night, March 3, 2014, during AMA Houston’s annual awards ceremony at the Alley Theatre. The Marketer of the Year award honors exceptional marketing by Houston-area companies, organizations and institutions. YMCA of Greater Houston was selected by the final-round judging panel from among 26 previously named Best of Category winning organizations that were also recognized at the event. The YMCA had won Best of Category for Social Services as a first step toward becoming the 2013 Marketer of the Year.
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Everything I Knew About the Job Hunt in College Was Wrong (Slideshare)

March 13, 2014 1 comment
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