Money mistakes to avoid in your 20s

Don’t contribute to you retirement? Don’t have an emergency fund? These are common money mistakes we all make … in our 20s, 30s, and beyond. This article discusses other money mistakes we make in our 20s that can impact the rest of our lives.

The financial decisions you make in your 20s can have long-lasting repercussions. Knowing which decisions make the worst financial mistakes could be very helpful.

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Source: 10 money mistakes to avoid in your 20s

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Article spotlight: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Morning To Advance Your Career

Is it time to quit your job? This article covers a few reasons why the answer might be “yes.”

For many of us, the morning is a time for reflection. It’s a time to meditate on what’s been going on over the past few days, what you’re going to do throughout the workday, and where you’re going in the future. It’s easy to go through the motions of the […]

Source: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Morning To Advance Your Career – Forbes

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Houston entrepreneurs get national recognition

Houston entrepreneurs rock! This article in Houston Culturemap spotlights the Houston-area companies that were featured in the 2014 Inc. 5000 list. Nice to know that so many great local businesses are getting recognition outside the city.

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SOURCE: Houston entrepreneurs climb list of fastest-growing private companies – CultureMap Houston

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Get ready for Generation Z

Suggested reading: Get ready for Generation Z || MacLean’s

They’re smarter than Boomers, and way more ambitious than the Millennials. Gen Z are loosely defined as those born after 1995 and who are now 18 and under. It’s a big group: two billion worldwide, and one-quarter of the North American population.

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SOURCE: Get ready for Generation Z

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The cheapest cities in Texas

What are the cheapest cities in Texas? According to this article in Culturemap Houston they are: Round Rock, Temple, Denton and Corpus Christi. So keep them in mind when considering where to relocate to while staying in the state.

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SOURCE: Cheapest cities in Texas: 4 land on list of desirable places to live – CultureMap Houston

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Houston is the Best City In America

As tired as I am of seeing stories from around the country “discovering” how great Houston is, I’m also enjoying it. There’s a small part of me that just wants to stick my tongue out at other cities, you know the ones, and say “take that!”

One recent article I really enjoyed, “Houston Best City In America” from Business Insider, is worth checking out. It mentions the fact that Houston is now the most ethnically and racially diverse city in the country. They discuss the food, quite a bit, and the fact that we sort of rock when it comes to quality and innovation. And, of course, the fact that Houston has more parks than any other top-10 metro areas.

Read it. You’ll be impressed.

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Starbucks College Achievement Plan

In a nice improvement on the conversation about pay for service employees, Starbucks is has agreed to pay the tuition of its employees who enroll as juniors or seniors in the online program at Arizona Stage University. This is great news for Starbucks employees.

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SOURCE: Starbucks jumps in the distance education game by offering tuition payment at ASU for employees | Politic365

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Katy’s 77494 zip code hottest in the country

2013.11 houses-70425_smKaty’s 77494 zip code saw more household move-ins than any other in the country, according to Welcomemat Services and reported by the Houston Business Journal. I guess I need to be paying more attention to the western side of the city.

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Houston suburb of Katy is the hottest area in the country for relocations – Houston Business Journal

90% of new Houstonians moved to Fort Bend, Montgomery and Harris Counties

RECOMMENDED READING: Fort Bend, Montgomery, Harris counties drive growth in Houston, Census Bureau data shows – Houston Business Journal

Houston is growing, but Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties dominate. Ninety percent of residents that moved to the Houston area between 2012 and 2013 moved to one of these three counties.

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